FREDERIK OBERMAIER has contributed to several documentaries and a mini-series.


The documentary "The dubious power of the consultants" - a film about the consultancy firms PwC, KPMG, EY and Deloitte - won the renown German TV-Award 2020.  


Obermaier and his work have also been featured in several international documentaries. The documentary "Behind the headlines" about the work of Obermaier, his colleague Bastian Obermayer and the investigative department at Süddeutsche was shown at several international film festivals. It was the opening film at the DOK.fest München 2021. 


"Behind the Headlines is a great journalism film, so different from the Hollywood epics about heroic reporters. It's a look into the engine room of journalism." (German Journalists Association DJV)

THE IBIZA AFFAIR (Mini-series 2021 - Director: Christopher Schier)


The book "The Ibiza Affair", co-authored by Obermaier and his colleague Bastian Obermayer, laid the groundwork for a Sky Original on their exposure of dubious practices of the former Austrian vice-chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache.


"Too true to be fictional."




THE IBIZA-VIDEO (Documentary 2021 - Director: Jörg Falbe)


"In times of permanent flood of news via the Internet, alternative facts from dubious sources and not always honorable motives of self-proclaimed enlighteners on Youtube and Co. many people ask themselves: What should they still believe, who can they still trust? 'The Ibiza Video' is a plea for incorruptible quality journalism and the search for truth." (Jörg Falbe)

BEHIND THE HEADLINES (Documentary 2021 - Director: Daniel Sager)


"Behind the Headlines is a grippingly personal look at the complex forces exerted on democracy's fourth estate" (HOT DOCS Toronto 2021)


"Behind the Headlines is a dense and fascinating documentary about the power of investigative journalism. Now, more than ever, it's vital that there's someone there holding those in power to account for their actions." (


"Hinter den Schlagzeilen - Behind the Headlines is a documentary that works like a thriller." (Avisualzine.come)


"One of the most gripping insights into journalistic work ever captured on film in this country." (





THE PANAMA PAPERS (Documentary 2018 - Director: Alex Winter)


"The Panama Papers serves as a reminder of the important work reporters do in fighting abuses of power and the way that work is evolving in an increasingly fractured global landscape." (Los Angeles Times)


"The Panama Papers is a lively and level-headed exposé, but it's also a moral inquiry into how the top echelong is now united, structurally and spiritually, in robbing the rest of us blind." (Variety)