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©Henry Kenyon//http://henrykenyonphotography.com/

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:: Please be aware that unencrypted e-mail, skype and/or phone calls are no secure ways of communication. Your communication can be easily accessed by police and intelligence services as well as corporations that developed the programs ::



:: I therefore highly recommend to switch to encrypted communication, i.e. e-mail-encryption via PGP and/or open-sourced Signal-messenger [see below]. In general I also recommend using Tor to reduce your footprint while being online ::



:: encrypted communication ::


For those unexperienced in the use of encrypted communication: Electronic Frontier Foundation's Surveillance Self-Defense can help. 


:: pgp I :: http://bit.ly/1rI1noo

[B538 0AE4 27B3 C650 C18F 7A20 DE1C 7BB2 6D71 D70B]


:: pgp II : http://bit.ly/1AfEXOX

[4F6F 1A91 9CF6 BE14 20E7 B19A 8F7B BF10 6CC7 24BE]


:: threema :: FPN4FKZE


:: signal :: available :: read here how to use Signal without giving out your telephone number 


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